Art Therapy

The experience of art therapy helps to reignite your creative process, to improve, shift and enhance your experiences with yourself and others. Art therapy integrates the fields of visual art, such as drawing, painting and sculpting, with models of counseling and psychotherapy.

The field of art therapy supports the belief that artistic self expression is healing and helps people to resolve conflicts and problems, develop interpersonal skills, manage behavior, reduce stress, and increase self esteem, self-awareness and insight. Art therapy can be used with other counseling approaches such as EMDR, couples and family therapy, group therapy and body psychotherapy.

Art therapy is effective and unique because sometimes there is no match in language to express or communicate challenging or deeply meaningful life experiences. What is not possible in verbal expression is possible in symbolic imagery. Art therapy enables you to trust, develop and understand your own “visual language”. Making art frees you to see into youself objectively, to make unconscious parts of yourself more conscious.

What happens in an art therapy session?

Art therapy is an optional part of all therapy and does not require previous art experience. Sessions begin with your choice to make art spontaneously or to interweave drawing and talking in a session.

You can choose from a variety of art materials such as different papers, pastels, paints, clay, magazine images personal photos to visually express concerns and experiences. while you are exploring materials and colours, I will guide you in expressing your ideas, emotions, dreams, experiences, and goals.

In an art therapy session there is time for art making and time for a discussion of art products you have created. The art you make is your property and belongs to you, although it is usually recommended that all art remain in the office until therapy is completed. In this way, we will be able to refer back to earlier thoughts and discoveries.

My role as an art therapist is to:

  • encourage your creative expression and provide suggestions for art making
  • provide you with deeper insight and meaning of the images and forms you make
  • teach you how to trust what your art is communicating to you so that you can see and experience yourself in an objective and new way.

Images are like messengers of the psyche and soul, expressing emotions and experiences, communicating, guiding, transforming and healing.
Shaun McNiff

Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being.
Rollo May




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